Tef-Gel Pty Ltd is a family owned company which began as NS Industries in the late 90’s with the sole purpose of distributing Tef-Gel™ Corrosion Eliminator and Anti Seize Lubricant.

Tef-Gel™ is one of the most unique products of its kind on the market.  The diversity of Tef-Gel™ applications include; preventing corrosion between dissimilar metals, preventing galling, it is used as an anti seize lubricant and also for insulating electrical connections.

The versatility of Tef-Gel™ can be seen in use through the numerous industry groups we have serviced over the past 18 years.  These include; Marine, Mining, Aviation, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Defence.

Having an outstanding product in the market is no measure for success without customer service and technical support.  As such, our goal is to provide our customers with exemplary service that is in keeping with the quality product we represent.



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