With a passion for providing quality and innovative sporting goods, along with years of experience sourcing and developing the latest brands, Ideal Sources are the Australian owned answer to your sporting needs. 

Lead by director Tony Pastore, they have developed a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to improving quality of life and fun for others. By focusing their unique strengths to find the most innovative and exciting new products, Ideal Sources are able to provide the affordable and accessible solution for all, backed by the best customer service in the business. 

They are always on a quest for the latest trends and Tony travels the world frequently to bring the highest quality and most cutting-edge products to our doorstep. He is responsible for sourcing and developing highly successful product ranges and overseeing all elements of operations, procurement and planning, while implementing the strategy, direction and future of the brands. 

With a focus on high quality control and ethics and a constantly expanding product range, Ideal Sources is dedicated to marketing and developing the most exciting and successful products available today.


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